Rocky the Owl Has a New "Fancy" Friend in Saugerties

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After melting hearts around the country during her stay at the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, NY, Rocky the Owl is being celebrated in the Saugerties Chamber's 2022 street art exhibit. As you may recall, Rocky is the beloved Saw-Whet Owl discovered in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in 2020. 

Rocky the Owl Gets 35 Owl Friends, including "Fancy"

Saugerties is "cool" in lots of ways, and one of them is the annual street art exhibit organized by the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce. Past themes have included butterflies, horses, lighthouses, and guitars. Each year, artists from around the region participate in the exhibit by turning blank 3D objects into works of art. Each artist receives sponsorship from a Chamber member, and at the end of the summer, each piece of art is sold via an online auction. As a member of the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce, Paper House Productions is proud to sponsor Fancy, created by Hudson Valley artist, Deanna T.

artist standing next to her hand-painted owl in Saugerties NY

We met up with Deanna recently to learn more about her and her inspiration for Fancy.

Q: How did you find out about the Rocky the Owl street art exhibit, since you live across the river in Dutchess County, NY? 

A: My mom lives in Saugerties and encouraged me to apply to be an artist his year. I had seen previous exhibits because my husband and I often attend the Sawyer Motors Car Show which also takes place in Saugerties. 

Q: What kind of art do you enjoy?

A: All kinds! I took art classes in high school and earned my AA in art from Dutchess County Community College. I also take art classes through the library and wherever I can find them. I enjoy painting, card-making, and art journaling. A lot of my art involves making things from recycled materials. For example, I have made bags out of old jeans. There's rarely a day that I'm not doing something creative after work. 

Q: Have you ever participated in an art exhibit before?

A: No, this is my first time displaying my work publicly. And until now I've never worked on a piece like this either. 

Q: How did you come up with your concept for Fancy? 

A: I have a box of vintage treasures that I use for cards and other projects. It includes buttons, old costume jewelry --  those kinds of things. I found Fancy's eyes among those items and the concept just kind of evolved from there. As I worked on her, I tested design concepts by taking photos and marking them up on my iPad. That's how the painted swirls around her eyes came to be.
white 3D owl sculpture surrounded by art supplies before being decorated Fancy the owl painted and bright gem eyes

Q: That's brilliant! How many hours did it take you to complete Fancy?

A: Oh my gosh... I have no idea! I received her undecorated on March 19, 2022 and finished her before she was due on May 22, 2022. I worked on her at least an hour every day - and more as the deadline approached. 

artist standing on step ladder while working on Fancy the owl

    Thank you, Deanna! We hope Fancy finds a good home after the Rocky the Owl stree art exhibit!

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    If you're in Saugerties this summer, please visit Fancy at the Rocky the Owl Street Art Exhibit. Use this Rocky Walking Tour Map to find her among her 35 new friends.