One-Photo Wonders: Scrapbook Pages With One Photo

by Alayne Kerbert

Scrapbooking is a fun way to document and relive moments that bring meaning to our lives. And scrapbook pages with one photo often capture a moment better than scrapbook pages containing multiple images.

Sometimes moments seem insignificant when they are happening, but when we travel back in time via the camera roll on our phones, we quickly realize that small moments shape us just as much as the big moments do. And some of them are just as sweet, if not sweeter!

beach-themed scrapbook layout featuring single photo of boy on a background blues and yellow with starfish embellishments

And while it's great to have a variety of photos to choose from, sometimes the sheer volume of photos we have prevents us from scrapbooking special moments. We get overwhelmed.

On the other hand, we may feel like that one photo we do have from an event or memory is not worthy of a scrapbook page. Not so!

In either case, many moments are captured and expressed most perfectly in a single photo. Additionally, creating a scrapbook layout around a single image gives us more room to tell the story by adding captions, journal entries, and layers of gorgeous scrapbook paper and embellishments

When should I create a single photo scrapbook page instead of using multiple photos?

  • If I have a photo that really stands out from all the others
  • I only have one photo, but I want to share the story behind it
  • When the addition of more photos becomes a distraction instead of an enhancement
  • Whenever I have several photos from the event, but they don’t work well together
  • Anytime I have lots of fun scrapbook papers and embellishments that work perfectly with a photo and I want to create a masterpiece.
  • When my scrapbook paper has a large or dominant pattern that would be lost with more than one image.

    What types of photos work best in a single-photo scrapbook page?

    • Showcasing a special place or experience
    • Marking a milestone moment such as a wedding, new baby, first day of school, etc.
    • Honoring an important person in your life
    • Featuring a group of people
    • Brief moments in time that capture a personality or tell a story within a story
    • As an introductory scrapbook page to pages containing multiple images from an event.

    Showcasing a special place or experience

    scrapbook page featuring single image of man and son sitting on a raft in an ocean cove. Image is surrounded by beachy embellishments


    Marking a milestone moment

    scrapbook page featuring young woman on her graduation day walking up the steps of a building holding her cap and gown.  scrapbook page featuring photo of a newborn in a Christmas outfit. Page is embellished with Christmas-themed scrapbook supplies      

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    Honoring an important person in your life

      Featuring a group of people

      scrapbook page featuring a group of women on a wine adventure. The page decorated with colorful paper and wine-themed sticker embellishments

      Capturing a personality or telling a story within a story

      scrapbook page featuring a young woman "grabbing" onto a huge balloon bouquet painted onto a wall with the words "oh snap". Page is decorated with colorful balloon puffy stickers.

        How do I choose THE perfect photo for a scrapbook page?

        If you only have one photo from a moment or event... problem solved! But if you're like most people, your phone is overflowing with photos. From what we ordered for breakfast to the shoe that the dog chewed up, every imaginable moment of life is chronicled on our phones! You don't need therapy, you need a process for narrowing photos down ...says the author of this post who currently has 9,381 photos on her phone.

        1. View your photos on a larger screen than your phone.

        The reason we don't remove photos from our phones is simple. We can't see them! Not well, anyway. Viewing photos on a computer monitor or tablet makes it easier to differentiate photos and choose the best one. 

        2. Flag the best photos as favorites by adding a 💙 or ⭐. 

        Choose the photo that you think captures the feel of the moment best. If you like more than one, that's great! You'll be happy with either of them in your scrapbook layout. Don't over-think it. 😉

        3. Delete photos that don't thrill you. 

        Easier said than done for some of us, but really... nothing bad happens. 

        4. (Optional) Decide what to do with the rest of your photos.

        Depending on the method you use to back up your photos, deleting photos from your phone may or may not automatically delete them from your backup as well. Check out these articles to be sure. Please note that these links are included for convenience. We have not tested their instructions. 

        Here are a few more of our favorite one-photo wonders created by past and present members of our Creative Team. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do!

        scrapbook page featuring boy holding a model rocket against a purple celestial / planetarium background
        This scrapbook page is embellished with PAINT YOUR WORLD planner stickers cut into hexagons! 



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