Making a Great Scrapbook Page with Limited Supplies

by Paper House

Hi, there! It’s Lynda from Scrapbook with Lynda back to share more scrapbook page ideas with you. Today I’m working with some winter themed scrapbook supplies, but don’t think they are just for the northern states. This photo was taken in Florida!

scrapbook page featuring photo of woman standing in an arctic museum habitat on a blue scrapbook paper background with penguin and winter sticker embellishments

I had plenty of stickers but was a little short on scrapbook paper. Watch what I did with what I had, starting with the stickers. 

scrapbook stickers featuring polar bears, penguins, and igloos white and light blue tones


Aren’t the penguins just the cutest? They are perfect for any winter scrapbook page and just what I need to accent my photo.

Baby It's Cold Outside Puffy Stickers (STP-0032)

puffy stickers of snowflakes, mittens, and baby it's cold outside designs

The blue in these snowflakes is a perfect match to the blue in the penguin stickers, so adding these to the scrapbook page is a great idea.

Penguins Stickers (ST-2241)

photoreal penguin stickers with different types of penguins and ice cubes

These photoreal penguins are adorable too, but it’s the ice cubes that I’m drawn to.

Next up is the two-sided scrapbook paper. I only had one sheet of each!

Blue Watercolor Hearts (P-2216E)

Double sided scrapbook paper featuring a blue watercolor pattern. Shown in front of a teal and white heart pattern on blue.

The soft blue color goes great with the penguin stickers. I can think of lots of other scrapbook page ideas that this paper will be ideal for. 

Just Chillin’ Tags (P-2215E)

Double sided scrapbook paper featuring words, penguins, snowflakes, snowman, reindeer, mittens and cocoa on teal, blue, white and purple tags. Shown in front of a blue, teal and orange star pattern on a white background.

What a fun scrapbook paper! Both sides work great for the scrapbook page ideas I have in mind.

Building the Winter Penguin Scrapbook Layout

The dilemma with liking both sides of each paper is that I want to use both sides. And with a bit of careful cutting I was able to create this layered scrapbook page from only two pieces of paper. Here’s how I did it.

First I estimated where I wanted the matted photo to reside on the scrapbook page, then I cut a section out of the middle of the blue heart paper. The flip side is soft blue, so perfect to mat my photo. Don’t worry about the hole in the middle of the heart paper, it gets covered by a second larger mat. 

detailed view of right side of scrapbook page featuring the layering of embellishements

I need to die cut letters for my page title from the light blue paper too, so I cut the center out again. This gives me a small rectangle of paper to die cut letter for my title. The photo covers the hole, so you’d never know the center of the mat is missing.

It took some pre-planning, but from a single piece of paper I have a 12x12 background, photo mat and die cut letters to make the title. Now that’s making the most of what I have to work with. Sometimes we all have to work with limited supplies, so this is a great scrapbook page idea to stretch your supplies.


Double sided scrapbook paper featuring words, penguins, snowflakes, snowman, reindeer, mittens and cocoa on teal, blue, white and purple tags. Shown in front of a blue, teal and orange star pattern on a white background.


Pre-planning continued, because I only had one of the Just Chillin’ Tags paper. Like the prior sheet, I love both sides. This time I took a different approach. I looked at the images I wanted to use on the tag side, then planned where to cut the larger mat. Okay the hard part is done now! Boy do I wish I had two of each paper, as it would have made things a lot easier.

DIY Embellishments from Left Over Scrapbook Paper

Making embellishments from paper is a great scrapbook page idea. It allows me to have a truly unique look and adds to the handmade feel of the page.

close up of bottom corner of penguin themed scrapbook page showing handmade embellishements

The Just Chillin’ paper is ideal for DIY embellishments. It cut a few of the word strips using a paper trimmer to get a straight cut, then used a circle die to cut out a few of the images.

close up of scrapbook page illustrating use of scrapbook paper to cut out embellishements

The circles anchor the other embellishments in each of the clusters. And notice how each cluster has a cute penguin sticker or two, along with some ice cubes. Repeating shapes and icons in each cluster are great scrapbook page ideas that help your layout look cohesive. 

lower corner of scrapbook page showing embellishments cut from penguin scrapbook paper

Another great scrapbook page idea is to include the same color mix in each cluster. In my case blue, orange and violet appear in each of the three embellishment clusters that surround the photograph.

close up of scrapbook page showing the addition of puffy stickers

The final step was to dot some snowflakes - from the Baby It’s Cold puffy sticker pack - around each cluster. Love how the colors of stickers and scrapbook paper coordinate so well, even though they are from different collections. 

If you scrap-lift this layout, please post your version in the Paper House Creates Facebook group. Just click Join Group to be added if you’re not already a member.

You can find all the products I used to create this winter penguin scrapbook layout at Remember to use the code PH21LYNDA at checkout to save 20% off your order.

I hope this layout gives you some ideas for your own scrapbook page. I’ll be back next month with another fun paper crafting project. In the meantime, please check out my blog, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages to see other projects I’m creating.

Happy Scrapping!


Scrapbook with Lynda

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