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Super Simple

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Super Simple makes learning fun & simple!

The songs, shows and educational products are great for pre-schoolers & little learners, and are used by families and teachers all over the world. Finny the Shark, The Bumble Nums, Carl's Car Wash and others make learning fun... and simple!



    1 product
    Jumbilee Stories featuring Finny the shark shown in package on white background.
    Finny the Shark Jumbilee Stories Game

    Meet the Characters

    From underwater adventures with Finny and friends, to silly chefs and more - Super Simple's kid-friendly characters and stories help children learn in an exciting and engaging way! See our featured characters below, and click through to watch their stories on

    Finny The Shark

    Follow Finny and friends as they explore stories of friendship, family, and everyday life through the (fish-eye) lens of a preschooler.

    Meet Finny!
    The Bumble Nums

    Three silly chefs who bounce, climb, fly, and stretch their way to finding the secret ingredient in the day’s special recipe.

    Meet The Bumble Nums!
    Carl's Car Wash

    A suds-sational cartoon for kids who love all kinds of transportation. Everyone knows that Carl’s is the place to go to get all cleaned up!

    Meet Carl!