Jigsaw Puzzle - Monarch 2-Sided Shaped

SKU: PUZ-0080E
Monarach jigsaw puzzle image showing colorful front of shaped butterfly overlapping puzzle back featuring fun facts.
Monarach jigsaw puzzle box featuring shaped butterfly.
jigsaw puzzle image featuring shaped monarch butterfly.
Monarch jigsaw puzzle image featuring fun facts in butterfly shape.

Jigsaw Puzzle - Monarch 2-Sided Shaped

SKU: PUZ-0080E

The Monarch Butterfly needs your help! Find out all about these amazing creatures in this 2 in 1 Info Jigsaw Puzzle. Side one of this 325 piece, cut-to-shape jigsaw puzzle features a striking photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

Then for a completely new experience turn it over to the Infographics side and learn all about Monarchs. Did you know that they taste with their feet? Or that they have built in GPS? Find fun facts and learn what we can do to help Monarch Butterflies thrive for generations to come.

Jigsaw Puzzles are a fun way to improve memory and problem solving skills while reducing stress.

Paper House Puzzles have the highest quality materials. They feature paper on the top and bottom of the pieces which eliminates warping, reduces puzzle dust, and gives the pieces a superior feel.

Each piece is uniquely shaped to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Our puzzles come packaged in a sturdy two piece box that’s perfect for gift giving and storage. Inside the box the pieces are contained in a resealable bag, making it perfect for reuse.


  • a great activity for an afternoon spent at home- admire your work, then choose to break it down to assemble again, or save as artwork to display!
  • contains 325 pieces
  • Puzzle: 26.5 x 20 inches | 673.1x 508 mm
  • Box: 10.25 x 7.875 x 1.8 inches | 260.35 x 200 x 45.72 mm
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We use paper on both sides of our Jigsaw Puzzles, which gives them a superior feel, cuts down on dust, and eliminates warping. It's a more expensive process, but the results are well worth it! Just wait til you see for yourself!

Each piece is uniquely shaped; ensuring a perfect fit for every piece, every time.

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