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    mini stickers featuring graduation caps, banners, caps, balloons, shown in package overlapping another sheet shown on white background.
    Mini Stickers - Graduation
    3D scrapbook stickers featuring a graduation robe, diploma and stack of books.
    Scrapbook Stickers - 3D Graduation Day
    puffy stickers featuring graduation caps, diplomas and medals, on white background.
    Puffy Stickers - Graduation
    3D scrapbook sticker frame featuring a photo of 2 graduates in a frame surrounded by a mortarboard, a diploama and gold glitter accents shown in package on white background.
    3D Scrapbook Sticker Frame - Con-GRAD-ulations Keepsake
    3 sheets of stickers featuring photo real graduation caps and diplomas, shown on white background.
    Decorative Stickers - Graduation Caps
    3D scrapbook stickers featuring a graduation theme with gold accents
    Scrapbook Stickers - 3D Congrats