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    Shaped butterfly laptop sticker featuring holding hands, hearts, and words of wisdom such as respect and diversity.
    Vinyl Sticker - Diversity Butterfly
    3D scrapbook stickers featuring colorful butterflies and black swirls
    Scrapbook Stickers - 3D Butterflies
    foil stickers featuring butterflies with faux enamel gold foil accents, shown on white background.
    Decorative Stickers - Butterflies Faux Enamel
    puffy stickers featuring colorful, photo real butterflies on white background.
    Puffy Stickers - Mini Butterflies
    puffy stickers featuring colorful butterflies shown in package on white background.
    Puffy Stickers - Butterflies
    foil stickers featuring colorful, illustrated butterflies and dragonflies with silver foil accents, shown in package.
    Decorative Stickers - Butterflies and Dragonflies Faux Enamel
    Shaped butterfly laptop sticker featuring rainbow colors and words of equality and peace.
    Vinyl Sticker - Love Is Love Butterfly
    Shaped laptop sticker featuring a photographic, blue and black butterfly.
    Vinyl Sticker - Mountain Blue Butterfly