Stephanie Muzullin Project Recap

by admin
Stephanie is our resident Off the Page Project Queen!  She does cards, planners, travelers notebooks, mini albums...all things non-scrapbooking!  She brought us tons of inspiration in the last half of 2018!


Stephanie goes big and usually puts together a full set of cards that coordinate!  Here's just some of her amazing collections! photo jul 06, 1 13 20 pm photo jul 05, 11 36 56 am   photo aug 01, 3 42 39 pm photo sep 03, 4 23 02 pm

Mini-Album Inspiration

Stephanie always has a quick, easy, and eye catching idea for you on how to use your paper!  Here's some of her Mini-album ideas! photo jul 13, 11 46 07 am photo jul 28, 9 41 52 am

Planner Ideas

Stephanie actually started her time with us on our PR team as a full blown planner.  It was there that we discovered her equally amazing crafting skills that went beyond planning.  That said, we wouldn't want to skip over some of her planner inspiration today! photo jul 22, 3 47 14 pm photo dec 30, 11 34 36 am As you can see, she is multi-talented!  We're looking forward to seeing even more of her beautiful work in 2019!    

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