Paper House “Went Wild” at the 2017 Go Wild Planner Conference

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We just got back from Nashville for the 2017
Go Wild Planners Conference
and it was, in a word, AMAZING! This was the planning event’s second year, and it is quickly becoming one of the largest gathering of planning enthusiasts in the country. This year, Opryland hosted over 700 attendees.

Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 8.40.51 AM

While it’s always great to see what people are making and get inspiration for our own projects, the event was so much more than that. It demonstrates the strong community of planner enthusiasts, and it’s a chance for them to come together and celebrate their work. In just three short years, their
Facebook group
already has over 39,000 members (and counting!). This year, tickets for the conference sold out in all of three minutes. We made tons of new friends, and it was reaffirming to see the support of the community.

That’s not to mention all the awesome swag. Michael’s donated a huge bag of some of the great products they carry, including a
Fiskar’s punch
and an
Instax camera
, and don’t even get us started on all the great stickers and washi!

Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 8.39.44 AM

Using planners is more than just keeping track of your to-do list. They help us engage with our lives, and break down our aspirations into manageable tasks and actions so we can make them happen. We were most inspired by Michelle Carter, an Olympic gold medalist and conference keynote. During her empowering talk, she spoke about how planners have helped her to overcome life’s setbacks, to organize her goals, and to focus on the daily actions she needed to take to reach those goals.

The power of planners comes from writing down your goals and dreams and creating actionability. We were so inspired by this year’s conference, and we hope to see you at the next one!

-Shaena and Gretchen

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