Paper House Productions and SpiegelMom Scraps Blog Hop & Giveaway - Day 2

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Welcome to the Color Me Happy Blog Hop!  We’re pairing up with 
SpiegelMom Scraps
all week long for some colorful projects showcasing out collections and their sequins!  We’ve got a great giveaway so be sure to stick around to the end of the post to get more details! Today we are showcasing Maria's creations!
Maria Russell Circle
Hello my crafty friends.  I hope you are all having a great day!  I am super excited because this week, the Paper House Productions design team is teaming up with Spiegelmom Scraps.  We have received some colorful sequin mixes from Spiegelmom Scraps and I thought I would make two shaker cards, showcasing the sequin mixes and some beautiful faux Enamel and Puffy Stickers from the Paper House Productions. For my first card, I used the
Party Puffy stickers
, the
Puffy Numbered Candles stickers
and the Rainbow Bright sequin mix, with some items that I already have from my collection.
  For my second card, I wanted to create an underwater scene with the Mystical Mermaid Faux Enamel stickers and of course the colorful sequin mix from Spiegelmom Scraps.  If you watch my YouTube process video, you will be able to see how I created this scene.  
Please click on the link below to see my process video.  I hope you will also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done so yet.  Which one is your favorite?   I hope you got inspired today.  I have listed and linked the supplies I used below.  Have a wonderful day! Supplies:  
Mystical Mermaids Faux Enamel Stickers with Foil Accents
StickyPix Numbered Candles Puffy Stickers
StickyPix Party Puffy stickers
Katie King Circle
Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love cute stationary! Anytime I am at the store, I can’t help but wander down the office supply section to see what is new. With that being said, cute stationary can be a bit pricey. This can especially be true if the stationary has some sort of ‘’cool element’’ to it, like it being holographic. So, to save you money on stationary, while also providing you a super easy way to make your own, I give you today’s DIY! Today I am going to be showing you how to make your own Mini Shaker Notebooks! These mini shaker notebooks are a great way to dip your toe into the ''shaker card world'' if you have been wanting to try something new. I opted to go the mini notebook route because 1) they looked so cute and 2) they were the perfect size for the motivation phrases in the Color Washed 12'' Paper Pad. Besides the Color Washed Paper Pad, I also used a bunch of adorable sequins from SpiegelMom Scraps! Now, when making your own mini shaker notebooks, I do recommend using SpiegelMom Scraps sequins. This is because the sequins are the right size for the mini notebooks and come with at least 3 different sequins ''types'' in the pack. For example, in the pack ''Because You Love Me'', you get the colors antique gold, dark red, and copper metallic. Due to that, I was able to pick out more gold sequins for my mini ''make ideas happen'' notebook and remove some of the red sequins. This is just something you might want to keep in mind when making your own mini shaker notebooks.
Mini Shaker Notebooks Featuring Spieglemom Scraps
To create your own Mini Shaker Notebooks featuring SpiegleMom Scraps, you would do the following:
Step 1
Step 1: Take the cover all off of your mini notebook and set the pages/back cover to the side. Then grab your craft knife and cut out a small square in the middle of your front cover. Once the small square has been cut, glue a piece of paper from the Color Washed 12″ Paper Pad to the front cover. Finally, recut the small square and (using an awl) poke through the holes at the top of your mini notebook. When you are done with this step, you should have something like the above photo.
Step 2
Step 2: Flip your font cover over, so you are viewing the back. Then cut a piece of a clear plastic sheet that is big enough to cover the square hole. Once your piece of clear plastic has been cut, apply double-sided tape around all four edges of the square and apply your clear plastic. Finally, grab your SpiegelMom Scraps sequins (I used Because You Love Me) and sprinkle a small amount in the center of your clear plastic sheet. Note: You will only want to use a small amount of sequins in this project. If you add too many sequins, you will not get the cool shaker effect. Also, don’t worry how the back looks because we will be covering it up.
Step 3
Step 3: Cut out a phase from the Color Washed 12″ Paper Pad and another piece of scrapbooking paper that will fit your mini notebook. Then, using your favorite adhesive, glue down the phrase first, then add your final piece of scrapbooking paper. When you have added your pieces of paper, poke through the holes at the top of your mini notebook. Once your mini notebook cover has dried, reattach it to the rest of mini notebook and you are done!    
Mini Shaker Notebooks Featuring Spieglemom Scraps 3
I love how each of these Mini Shaker Notebooks turned out! I think my favorite one would be the mini ''never give up'' notebook. Now, if you are loving the other two mini notebooks I made, you can easily make them as well! The only thing that is different about these two mini-notebooks is the SpiegelMom Scrap sequins. All the paper/motivational phrase came from the Color Washed 12″ Paper Pad and below is the specific sequins I used.
  • Mini ''life is what you make it'' Notebook: SpiegelMom Scrap - Sprinkling Kindness
  • Mini ''never give up'' Notebook: SpiegelMom Scrap – Peachy Keeny

Mini Shaker Notebooks Supply List
Color Washed 12″ Paper Pad
SpiegelMom Scraps - Sprinkling Kindness
SpiegelMom Scraps - Peachy Keeny
SpiegelMom Scraps -Because You Love Me


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