Making the paper work for you!

by admin
Julie Tucker-Wolek Circle 2
Hi everyone! Julie with you here today sharing a little tip on how to OVERCOME your fear of using certain papers! If you are like me, you look at 'photo' background papers and get a little intimidated! If you add your photos to it, you will lose part of that background, or if you add them to certain parts of the paper, then you feel you are limited to what you can add!
I started out with these papers from the The Great Outdoors -
Camping Collection
- and while I LOVED that photo themed paper on the right, how was I going to add my things to it, without losing the depth of the paper!??! Well -- I CUT OUT what I wanted from the paper of course!
Once you have fussy cut the paper, you can easily assemble your photos UNDERNEATH the cut out parts and keeping the integrity of the design!
Once you have your photo(s) in place and the piece that you cutout placed just right - you can adhere it and then finish your page!
So next time you are intimidated by photo background paper, just give this a try!    

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