Kawaii Not Planner Fun

by admin
Christine Circle 2
Hi there Paper House Fans,
joining you today!  I am smitten with the new Kawaii Planner! It's happy, whimsical, and full of fun trends!  Today I am going to walk you thru my first week spread in it!    
Kawaii Not Planner spread by Christine Meyer

Supplies Used: 
Kawaii Planner Stickers
Kawaii Puffy Stickers
Kawaii Epoxy Stickers
Kawaii Rice Paper Border Stickers,
Kawaii Flake Stickers
Kawaii Stick On Pockets
Kawaii Washi Tape
Kawaii Puffy Clips
Kawaii Planner
Here's a video walk-thru of how I put together this spread: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5IffTCAq2Q&w=560&h=315]
The Puffy Clips are one of my favorites!  I love how they feel, seriously squeezable!
The Puffy Clips can also fit nicely on the stick on pockets!  For me, I was all in, and had to use both of them :)!
The cardstock stickers have stickers that fit perfectly in the planner blocks.  I also adore the puffy stickers, I've always liked them and am so excited that Paper House has added them to their Planner Collections too! Thanks for joining me today - be sure to check back in all week long for more new projects with our planners!

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