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Hi everybody. Have you seen the Stargazer collection by Paper House? Seriously, if you haven't, go check it out. This collection is perfect for those little boys who collect gems and rocks as a hobby. My son, Edward loves collecting rocks and gems. He is so fascinated by them. Often at times, he will come at me with a random fact on where a certain mineral came from and how it forms. I am always dumb-founded by how smart he is.

These papers are soooo pretty in person. Several of the sheets of patterned paper has gold foil on them and they are beautiful. I cut the circles from patterned paper. Then I mounted them on the page using foam squares and glue.  

I added the gold and black heart from my stash. Then I added a few of the stickers from the Stargazer sticker packs. They are so shiny and pretty. :)

I added a variety of strips of patterned paper and stickers to pull this layout together and to help frame the photos into a nice design.

Thank you for visiting today!

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