Easy Home Decor With DIY Project Pads

by admin
Hello Hello! I have a photo tutorial for you today showing how to create an easy home decor piece..so easy, in fact, that my 11-year-old son did most of the creating! Here is the finished piece..  
Supplies Used-  
Feathers Project Pad
Step 1 and  2 - Paint a canvas (any size you like) with a thick, messy coat of heavy white acrylic paint...you want some texture...the more the better! After drying, apply random feathers from the project pad to the canvas, using a removable adhesive (oh, and choose designs you are less likely to want/need for another project) [gallery ids="16121,16125" type="rectangular"] Steps 3 and 4 - Spray your creation with a heavy coat of gold spray ink so it settles in all the cracks and crannies...leave to dry for at least 24 hours or until completely dry. Remove the feathers to reveal a negative image. Build your home decor piece from there, using more feathers, craft fun foam, and any other little notions you would like. thread, buttons, twine...anything to add interest and texture. [gallery ids="16124,16126" type="rectangular"] Finish by applying an appropriate quote, saying, or words of your choice. I chose to cut my scripture from black cardstock with my Silhouette but the options for this are endless! Another great use for his project pad are clean and simple cards...Paired with some stamps, mist, ink, or sewing notions from your craft room can create a striking card in a snap...these two took me 10 min. including drying time!
Have A Lovely Day! Sara Scraps

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