Design Team Introductions: Welcome to the team Sara, Shannon, and Christine

by admin

Sara Mishler

Location:Western Pennsylvania

Instagram: @sara.scraps

Favorite Paper House Product: I am absolutely in love with the new family and baby girl lines..and the new 2 inch stickers for cute!

Paper Crafting Tool you can't be without: Silhouette Cameo

You'll always find this on my projects: lots of patterned paper and little accents like sequins, enamel dots, etc.

3 Things that make you unique: I have freckles (LOTS of freckles), I am an autism mom, I love all things British (except Doctor Who)

Describe yourself in 50 words or less: I am a 37 year old home-schooling mom to 2 children. I have been married for 18 years. I also serve as a care-giver to 3 elderly family members. I am the mom to 2 fur-babies, Snoopy and Cooper.


Shannon Morgan

Location: Michigan

Favorite Paper House Product: Atlantis Collection

Paper Crafting Tool you can’t be without: markers and pens…also adhesive, ha!

You’ll always find this on my projects: washi tape, staples, hand written journaling, layers, paint

3 Things that make you unique: I’m addicted to ChapStick, snow makes me incredibly happy (to the point my family and friends question my sanity) and I heart food puns.

Describe yourself in 50 words or less: I am a wife, mother, daughter, niece and friend. I fiercely love my family and friends. I am a football mom, I am a basketball mom. I love books, dogs, music, tattoos, icon art and Bill Murray. I document this life because I feel everyone’s story is important. ♥


Design Team Coordinator: Christine Meyer

Location: Ohio

Instagram: @cameyer71

Facebook Page:

Favorite Paper House Product: 3D Stickers

Paper Crafting Tool You Can't Be Without: Circle Cutter (or any other tool that lets me make circles)

You'll always find this on my projects: A matted picture, enamel dots, circles, patterned paper

3 Things that make me unique: My family just made a five hour move 6 months ago and we're still very much adjusting to our new home, our closest family lives 13 hours away, I love snow but despise driving in it!

Describe Yourself in 50 words or less: I've been married for nearly 17 years to my husband who's a Lutheran Pastor. We have three sons and one daughter who I love getting to spend my days with while I homeschool them.  At the end of the day I treasure my time to craft and just be Christine and take a break from all my other titles :)

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