Clear Sticker Backgrounds=Travel Fun!

by admin
IMG_6923Today, I got to have a ton of fun by choosing a product that I have been wanting to work with and haven't gotten a chance to yet. I knew immediately that I wanted to use the Sticky Pix Clear Cuts Adventure Awaits with Foil Accents . I didn't intend to use the whole pack...but....109 stickers later, I am in love with this super fun custom background! IMG_6922 I started out by tracing around a kitchen bowel (yep! very technical and sophisticated work) to create the orange background for my photo to be contained within. I knew that this was going to have to be pretty bold and not too busy because of the rest of my layout design ideas. I then used by sewing machine to add some stitching around the outside border of the page as well as around the circle element. Next, it was time to go sticker crazy! I grabbed the sticker flip book and just started adding stickers to the entire background. I started with the biggest designs and moved by way thru all the way to the smallest designs. IMG_6921 Last step? I went ahead and added some patterned paper scraps behind my photo and a few more stickers from The Great Outdoors Camping Paper Crafting Kit on dimensional adhesive and the layout was complete! IMG_6920 I would love to have you stop by the process video and check out how this fun layout came together. Supply List: Sticky Pix Clear Cuts Adventure Awaits with Foil Accents  The Great Outdoors Camping Paper Crafting Kit    xoxo, Khristina

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