Anchored in Faith Planner Pages

by admin

PHP Planner Post, Shannon M. 3162017
Paper House Products used:
Anchors Away Planner
Flock Together 12" Acetate Paper
One Big Happy Family Paper Crafting Kit
Feathers 2" Stickers
Here's a close up of each page. I wanted you to see all of the details in the stickers that come with this great planner set coupled with the acetate and One Big Happy Family Collection.
PHP Planner Post, Close Up 5, Shannon M 31617

PHP Planner Post, Close Up 3, Shannon M. 31617
Here are a few more close ups, these are featuring some of the embellishments that come in the Planner Kit and different ways you can use the stickers on your pages, I especially love the gold foil stickers!
PHP Planner Post, Close Up 1, Shannon M 31617
Thanks for scrolling through and checking out my planner spread!
PHP Planner Post, Close Up 2, Shannon M. 31617
Have a great day!

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