Sneak Peak: Inside Look at Candy Heart Micro Stickers

by admin
Rebecca Benedict is one of Paper House’s newest designers. She recently moved up from production artist to junior designer, and this is the first product that she’s seen through to completion. Rebecca was inspired by the Japanese “kawaii” aesthetic, combining it with Paper House’s signature photographic style for something new and different. Rebecca talks about the design process and what it’s like to wait for her product to hit the shelves.

  1. How would you describe the vibe of this product?

It’s fun and a little bit silly. It’s a combination of photographic candy hearts plus cartoony faces. They’re cute little characters that you can add to your planner, to Valentine’s Day cards, or anything else that you’re making.

  1. Where did you get the inspiration for this product?

In the office one day, we were watching a Youtube video where someone drew in faces and expressions to make objects in the video into characters.
Paper House has a long history of photographic imagery, so we took this video inspiration and incorporated imagery from the Japanese “kawaii” style we’ve been learning more about. Several people from Paper House even visited Japan recently to do research and gather inspiration from this style and others. As part of this kawaii style, Japanese designers often add cute, cartoon-like faces to create characters and give things personality.


  1.  Does this build on a past Paper House product? Were you influenced by an outside design or artist?

This product reflects Paper House’s specialty in photographic imagery and elements. As the same time, it’s also a nod toward our future. In fact, the stickers are part of our new Life Organized intro being released this July.   
We have so many ideas for micro stickers and we’d like to make tons of them - they’re adorable and perfect for cards, planners, and bullet journaling. It’s likely you’ll see many more from us in the near feature.
  1. What process did you go through for getting from the idea to the final version?  

I was really inspired by Crystal’s version of this style where she made candy corn into characters for a Halloween sticker. Another one of our designers, Sean, passed me some photographic candy hearts from one of his designs (things are very collaborative here!) as a starting point. I decided to leave the iconic phrases on some of the hearts, and I made some into characters by adding different faces.
I received lots of advice from my fellow Paper House designers throughout the process, which led me to play with and scale to make them smaller and more cute, and skew them more towards a Valentine’s Day aesthetic by adding in more pink and purple.


  1. How does it feel to have finished your first product?

I’m so excited for the summer release! We come up with concepts for SO many different stickers and other products, and I’m so excited that one of mine was chosen to be mass-produced. I can’t wait to be able to use these stickers in my planner!
  1. What’s next for this product?

Microstickers are a format that we’d like to do more of, for sure. We’ve been exploring a lot of things with the kawaii style, and have lots of new things to reveal shortly! Stay tuned! --
These stickers will be released as part of a new Life Organized collection this July. Follow Paper House on Facebook to make sure you hear when the collection is released!