Turn a Single Page Scrapbook Sketch Into a Double Page Layout

by admin

Hello! Samantha here with you. I'm part of Paper House Productions' creative team, and today I'd like to walk you through turning a single-page sketch into a double-page layout. This is a really useful trick for when you have a sketch you really like but have too many photos for a single page layout.

Here's the sketch I'll be using today:

Step 1: Select photos for your scrapbook layout

The first thing I like to do when working with a sketch is to pull my photos.

This is the point where I decided that I have enough great photos that I need a 2-page layout instead of a single-page layout. I laid my photos out into a left page and a right page. Since I am one photo short (on the right-hand page), I'll use the last photo space to add a journaling tag instead.

Step 2: Mirror your scrapbook sketch

For the left-hand page, I'll follow the sketch, but instead of taking a single page and just creating it twice for a double-page layout, I like to take the sketch and mirror it for the right-hand page of the two-page layout. Normally, I just do this in my head, but for the sake of this step-out, I flipped the sketch so you can see what I mean in the photo above. I'll be using the mirrored version on the right-hand side of the layout.

Step 3: Build your scrapbook base

Now that you know the basics of how your sketch will look on both the left and right-hand sides, you can start building the base from your patterned paper. Again, you can see how the right-hand page mirrors the sketch instead of being an exact replica.

Step 4: Add photos and embellishments

Finish up the layout by adding your photos, embellishments, and journaling details.

Here you can see that I substituted a journaling sticker in place of a photo. You can also see that instead of putting a second title on my mirrored right-hand page, I added a small cluster of embellishments. This keeps the feel of the layout cohesive without the clutter of 2 titles on one layout.

Turning a single-page sketch into a double-page layout is a great way to add flexibility to any sketch!


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