Slam Dunk!

by admin

Its that time of the year where your kids are wanting to be involved in sports! Why not take the time and document all those glory days by using the All Star Sports collection.

Slam Dunk 1

Basketball Supply List

Closeup 1a

I loved cutting the elements of of the sheets as you can see. Its the perfect touch to your layout! Don't be scared to cut into the collection. I even made strips with some and used as borders as well. I love to layer and if you try it I know you will too.

Closeup 2a

These are the moments you will treasure forever. You will be glad you documented these moments in your child’s life. Just think how they will feel when they look back on these memories.

Check out any of the supplies from this layout by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Fast Break 12" Double Sided Scrapbook Paper  Basketballs 12" Double Sided Scrapbook Paper  Basketball Tags 12" Double Sided Scrapbook Paper

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