Scrapbooking a Unique Experience

by Paper House

Hi There! It’s Lynda from Scrapbook with Lynda back to share another scrapbook page idea with you.

Today I’m working with a variety of papers that come together to make a great layout. I’ll share how I combined several seemingly unrelated elements to make a great one-of-a-kind kit for a very unique experience.

Scrapbook page with photos of wolf encounter experience in shades of grey and tan

These photos of a wolf encounter are a bit unusual, so it’s not likely I’ll ever find a scrapbook kit with this theme. However, by picking and choosing a variety of scrapbook supplies, I did assemble the perfect kit.

How to Create a Page Kit for Unusual Photographs

It’s all about the photos, so I start with them. In this case, the unusual part is that I got to be in a pen with wolves, and one actually came up to me and allowed me to pet him. Let’s see if I can find wolf stickers to build the kit around.

Find an Anchor to Build the Kit Around

Paper House Productions has a wide variety of stickers in tons of themes, so I searched for “wolf” on their site and found these beautiful photoreal Wolf Pack stickers (SKU-2292). Can't get any better than that - actual wolf stickers! These, along with the photos, are the base for my scrapbook kit.

3 sheets of photo real stickers of wolves

Focus on Color

Next I looked at the colors in the stickers and photographs. The stickers have lots of neutral browns and greys, so I picked out some neutral papers.

The tan in this 2-sided Morning at the Lake scrapbook paper is perfect, as it matches the tan in the wolf stickers. Plus the print is subtle enough that I can journal my story right on it. (The other side is beautiful too!)

scrapbook paper in tan burlap texture  2-sided scrapbook paper showing a misty lake on one side and a tan burlap texture on the other side

This Colorways Grey Watercolor Scrapbook Paper has a soft grey tone that is perfect, so added the that one to my page kit too.

 Colorways grey watercolor scrapbook paper  Colorways grey watercolor scrapbook paper

Next, I selected this gorgeous Teal Marble scrapbook paper for a pop of color. In the photo I’m wearing a teal coat, so it’s a great choice.

 opposite site of Teal Marble Scrapbook Paper  2-sided Teal Marble Scrapbook Paper

Adding Contrast

All the papers I selected look great with my photos and stickers, but they are a medium tone. There just isn’t enough contrast, so the resulting layout would be boring. 

The animal footprints side of the Hunting Tags Scrapbook Paper is ideal to add to my kit because it adds contrast and fits the theme. 

 side 2 of Hunting Tags Scrapbook paper  2-sided Scrapbook Paper - Hunting Tags

Adding More Embellishments

The wolf stickers are perfect, but I needed more embellishments in this page kit. I shared this wolf encounter with a couple of my photography buddies, so cameras are a great addition.

Knowing Paper House Productions has almost every theme of sticker I can imagine, I did a search on their site and found these cool Camera Puffy Stickers. Not only are they cameras, but there is a teal and gray one that fit my color scheme. They couldn't be more perfect! 

Camera Puffy Stickers

With my page kit selected, it’s time to make the layout.

Making the Wolf Encounter Scrapbook Layout

I mounted my pictures on the tan paper leaving a large border. This will allow me to journal right on the photo mat, plus it makes a great base for my embellishments.

close-up of scrapbook layout showing tan base with photos arranged on top

Next, I added a thin teal mat for a pop of color. To add more teal to the scrapbook layout, I cut letters for the title from the teal paper.

close-up of scrapbook layout showing teal mat layer under tan layer

Creating Photo Clusters

I grouped my six photos into three clusters. The foundation of each cluster is a label I die-cut from the Colorways grey striped paper. Each cluster contains one of the wolf stickers and one of the puffy stickers from the camera pack. Plus each cluster has a touch of teal, either from a puffy sticker, or because it is next to the title.

close-up of wolf sticker in scrapbook layout   close-up of wolf sticker in scrapbook layout  close-up of wolf sticker in scrapbook layout

I love how this layout came together. You too can put together a custom scrapbook page kit by following these steps. 

You can find all the products I used to create this scrapbook layout at Remember to use the code PH21LYNDA at checkout to save 20% off your order.

I hope this blog post helps you create your own custom scrapbook page kit. I’ll be back next month with another fun paper crafting project. In the meantime, please check out my blog, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages to see other projects I’m creating.

Happy Scrapping!


Scrapbook with Lynda

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