How to Scrapbook Night Photos

by Paper House

Hello! Samantha, here with you. When we travel, we love checking out the different cities at night, which means I have quite a few night photos. Today I wanted to show how easy it is to scrap night photos with the Stargazer collection or any scrapbook supplies you have on hand. 

I have two nighttime scrapbook layouts to show you. Although the layouts are different, they use a similar approach to showcase the details of their nighttime photos. 


Scrapbooking Nighttime Photos #1

My oldest and I took a nighttime selfie together on a pedestrian bridge when we were on a recent weekend trip to Omaha. The bridge lights up at night and adds just the right amount of backlight for a photo. This bridge is always one of our favorite stops, and is that much better at night!

The thing to keep in mind when scrapbooking dark or nighttime photos is to create contrast with other elements. This helps draw out the light your photos do have. 

In the scrapbook layout below, my photo is quite dark, except for light reflected off the bridge.

Scrapping Night Photos with Stargazer

To create a strong focal point, I first anchored my photo against a circular layer of a similar color and darkness. Coordinating without matching creates depth while preventing the photo from fading into the background. This is aided by the white border around my photo.

Scrapping Night Photos with Stargazer-003

I then placed these layers on a lighter background paper to create contrast. The pattern of the background paper adds movement and matches the energy expressed on my son's face! 

Scrapping Night Photos with Stargazer-001

I added some sentiments from the Shine Bright foil tag paper in the collection for added interest. I "attached" them to my layout with stickers from the Stargazer Cardstock Sticker pack.

Scrapping Night Photos with Stargazer-002

Scrapbooking Night Photos #2

Is there anything more magical than Disney World at night? Cinderella's Castle was lit up so beautifully, it truly felt like a dream! And once again, the Celestial Collection was the perfect backdrop for my Disney dream. 

I used contrast in this layout, but differently than I did in project #1. I couldn't resist placing a crystal blue layer behind my photos to draw out the beautiful castle lights, which looked like icicles! And because this layer creates lots of contrast, I was able to use a darker background layer. 

And the sentiment was already on the Night Sky foil scrapbook paper, so all I had to do was add a few embellishments! It was so much fun and so easy!

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to use the Stargazer papers, and they are just so beautiful. There are gold foil accents on all of the papers that make this collection extra special. The deep, moody colors and night sky theme of Stargazer lend themselves perfectly to scrapping night photos.

Supplies: Stargazer Night Sky Foil Paper, Stargazer Foil Paper*, Stargazer Shine Bright Foil Paper, Stargazer Ultra Violet Foil Paper*, Stargazer Dream Big Cardstock Stickers


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