Inside Design Scoop: The Southwest Adventure Collection

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Sean McManus

has been a graphic designer at Paper House for almost 5 years. He went to school in Rochester before joining the company in the beautiful Hudson Valley. When it came time for his latest collection, he drew inspiration from the iconography and imagery of the Southwest. Sean has always had a love for the natural tones of the sprawling desert and the way they contrast with the vivid blues of the sky and the turquoises of Native American art and patterns.

As every artist and designer knows, there’s always a little more to the creation process than first meets the eye. Sean explains how the Southwest Adventure Collection came to life.

How did you come up with the concept for the Southwest Adventure Collection?

It was something I had wanted to do for a while. I was inspired by the area and wanted to create a really epic feel with saturated colors and an inspirational aspect. I was particularly influenced by Native American patterns and the natural beauty of the Southwest.

I’ve always had a love for the scenery of the region. Traditional Hopi and Navajo patterns and art from the area made a big impact on the final look of the collection.
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Sean's inspiration for the Southwest Collection[/caption]
Does this build on a past Paper House product? Were you influenced by an outside design or artist?

We’ve had a few Grand Canyon and National Park items in the past, but this is a new product for Paper House.

What was the process like to go from an idea to the final product?

I built an inspiration folder and included patterns and photos that I liked. I looked at what other people were doing with Southwest scrapbooking supplies and knew I wanted to go in a different direction.

We have a great team here that really knows their stuff, and with everyone’s input, we made something that really clicked in the end.

What’s it like to see something you created being used by others for their projects?

It’s always really satisfying to see your product out in the world; to go from something you’ve made digitally to seeing it exist as a physical thing. I was really happy with this one. It felt very accurate to my vision and captured the richness of the Southwest.

I’ve seen a lot of creative and beautiful uses of the products, especially from our design team. One of my favorites is a photo album using the collection that has a really unique and innovative construction.
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A look inside the Southwest Collection

What’s next for the Southwest Adventure Collection?

We may have a planner for the collection in the future, and hopefully there will be more stickers down the road. This is one of my favorite products I’ve done, and I’d really like to see the collection fleshed out more.


Are you inspired? You can find the Southwest Collection here.

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