Embrace Today Flip Album

by Paper House
 joining you today to show you a tropical themed flip album. These albums are so easy to make and come in a variety of themes. Check out all the blog posts from last week to see examples of all the different themes. I chose a tropical theme so I could display pictures from our recent trip to California.

Embrace Today Flip Album Supply List

  • Embrace Today Flip Album
  • Paradise Found 12" Cardstock Stickers
  • Hello Sunshine Puffy Stickers
  • Island Life 3D Sticker
  • Embrace Today Planner Stickers
  • Embrace Today Labels

The flip albums have a stand on the back so they can be easily displayed. I plan on placing mine on an end table so I made sure there was a nice picture, title, date and journaling so people would be more likely to stop and flip through it. I used 3D stickers, puffy stickers and cardstock stickers for decorations. The photocorners and transparent stickers come with the flip album. How gorgeo
us is the sunset off the Santa Monica Pier? As you can see, square Instagram photos work really well in this album. They hold 9 photos comfortably. Sometimes I used the photo corners, sometimes I made the photos flush with the borders.
If you flip the top photo up, there is this space for a picture or two underneath. My daughter loved using the map.
This yellow section is actually a pocket. There is a paper that slides in and out where I attached a picture on each side. I used a planner sticker to make my checklist.
I used some of the transparent stickers to decorate the pocket and cardstock stickers to decorate the sliding card.
I used a planner label for the journal background. I like how it makes the journaling stand-out on this part of the paper which is visible when the album is closed.
re is even a nice space for journaling inside the album. Here is the last page where I placed some transparent stickers and photo corners. I just love how quick and easy it was to make this and now I have a colorful and fun display for my home. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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