Soccer Scrapbook Layout

by Paper House


Hi everyone. It’s Bev here today and I am super excited to share with you some fabulous layout pages using the best ever sports collections from Paper House. I am sharing soccer pages today but be sure to check out the store for all the other sports collections that are available…. not only papers but the perfect accents too.

  • Soccer Paper Crafting Kit
  • All Star Cardstock Stickers
  • All Star 3D Puffy Stickers


When I start a page I pull possible photo plus a few more, paper collection, accents and some coordinating cardstock, I lay things out on the background but don't glue anything down.

Once I laid things out I decided that I'd use the cardstock sticker alpha for a banner title. I draw an arch on the red cardstock for rough placement and mark the center. I also found the center of  the letters I planned to use. I then place the letters just above the line so it won't show when I hand cut it.

I hand cut the banner and and cut the fun edges.

At this point I placed the title and also pulled some accents I thought I wanted to use into position. I still haven't glued anything down yet. I now take a photo so when I remove everything to go back and start gluing down from the background moving forward I can review the photo for placement.  At this point I also decided that a sports page would look awesome with some rustic texturing in the background.

So after removing everything but the last layer of soccer ball paper I used a stencil and modeling paste to scruff it up. Some of it overlaps the print. In spots you don't want to cover the print just be sure to cover it with a plain paper so the modeling paste doesn't touch it.  

Here is the finished look with all the stenciling done.

Now I started gluing everything back down referring to the photo when needed and added the accents.

Here are a few close ups for your viewing. Gives you a better look at the details in the different sections of the layout. What a great cluster in this view with a great mix of stickers and 3D puffy accents.

In this lower corner you can view the great border strip of words, some of the soccer ball strip cut apart and another accent. Clustering is the in thing right now and with great papers, border and accents you can make your own clustered sections.

This section showcases the large background paper banner behind the matted photos.

 This area using stickers, 3D stickers and accents.

Here is my video on creating this layout:

 Thanks for joining me today............. hope to see you again soon.

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