Wonder Woman Planner Spread

by Paper House
Caitlyn Storm Circle
Hello, everyone! It's me
back with my first post for March! March is generally when my year starts to truly pick up. We finally start to move out of the hum drum and bleak colors of the winter months and into the gentle warmth of the soft colors of spring. While I normally gravitate towards pastels at this time of the year I decided that I needed to do something a little different. I recently watched the Wonder Woman movie for the first time and with all of the wonderful Wonder Woman products Paper House Productions has to offer it was only fitting. This month we're going bold with the help of Wonder Woman!
wonder woman planner spread
It's not often that I have the opportunity to include my monthly spread at the beginning of the month. I usually like to fill this in as a I go, but as I mentioned at the very beginning this month is busier than usual. This month I'm relying on the monthly view to show me where I need to be and when. Trust me, almost every day this month will be filled with at least one thing by the end.
I couldn't bring myself to write in this spread - not just yet! Sometimes less is more and I feel that was the case for the weekly spread this week. The
Wonder Woman Planner Sticker
set provided 90% of the weekly spread with some added elements from the
Wonder Woman Micro Stickers
. The micro stickers added little pops of excitement to the weekly spread. The smaller elements of the micro stickers also helped to balance out the heavier elements such as the full box stickers and the skinny sidebar sticker. I also included the skinny washi from the
Superman Logo Washi Tape set
as it matched the color scheme perfectly.
The long and skinny sticker from the
Wonder Woman Planner Sticker set
worked wonderfully in the side bar! The giant "To Do" list allows me to have more space to write the important things that I need to remember. I knew that I didn't have any birthdays to worry about my goals would be the things that I needed to do. Any other month I more than appreciate the different sections, but this month it just isn't needed!
wonder woman planner spread
I love that the square stickers in the
Wonder Woman Planner Sticker set
fits in the boxes in the monthly layout! I included mine at the beginning of the month since I didn't enjoy the blank space there would've been due to the month change, but you can put them anywhere! The
Wonder Woman 2" stickers
helped add some additional decorative elements to help fill in some space.
wonder woman planner spread
I hope you all enjoyed this week's post and have some inspiration for your own Wonder Woman planner spread! See you all next time! XOXO, Caitlyn
Products Used
Stargazer Planner
Wonder Woman Planner Stickers
Wonder Woman Micro Stickers
Wonder Woman 2" Stickers
Superman Logo Washi Tape Set