2020 Journey Book check list

by Paper House

Hello and Happy New Year!! Are you starting off 2020 with a bunch of resolutions and a huge "to do" list??? I know I am!! A check list is a must for me this year!! Using a decorated "to do" list is important and will ensure that you keep motivated in checking things off your list!! I decided to decorate the first page of my Blue Marble Journey Book insert to make a pretty intro page to get me motivated to keep a running check list of all the things I need to do in 2020:

I used my favorite planner sticker book the Productivity Sticker Book for the gorgeous stickers you see, I just can't get enough of them!! You can see they aren't just for planners!! I layered them on the camping & outdoors papers for a nice rustic feel. I love using themed papers for things they weren't originally intended for!! I placed the year on the bracket sticker from the Discover USA paper crafting kit and layered a clear floral sticker from the Productivity Sticker book on the bracket as well. To make the flower pop off the bracket I first mounted it on white card stock before I adhered it to the bracket. Here is a close up:

You can see I also used a 3/4 inch circle punch to punch a few circles to layer above the title. I think this makes it more pleasing to the eye. I also added a small heart sticker from the Productivity sticker book to give this cluster balance.

For the lower right embellishment cluster I used a lot of layering starting with a die cut circle from the Baby Boy Banner double sided paper. I then layered a square sticker from the Productivity Sticker book on top and then added this cute boot sticker on top of the square. The small heart and word strip are also from the Productivity Sticker book and I layered them to the left of the larger sticker grouping to add some balance.

Here is the inside of my "To Do" list journey book. I added a micro flower sticker near the pre-printed title to jazz it up and I also added some matching washi tape at the bottom of the pages

I decided that checks are just a tad boring so to jazz it up a bit so I used the Flower Micro stickers to dot my check boxes. This indicates a finished project on my "to do " list! Micro stickers are so great for so many of your projects!!

I hope this helps inspire you to make a list of things to get done in the upcoming new year!! To see more of my fun Paper House projects you can follow me on IG as lisantexas or visit my blog: My Creative Endeavors. Happy creating!!