Artist Trading Cards Using Color Washed Paper Pack

by Paper House
ppCaitlyn Storm Circle
Hey, everyone, it's
! I have a question for all of you today - what is your favorite item by Paper House Productions when it comes to scrapbooking or planning? I had to think about the answer to this question for a long time, but then it hit me while I was working on a project. My favorite item is the paper. The paper is so amazingly versatile and I have used it in almost every single project that I have done so far. From adding it to the wood piece for my quote board to creating planner stickers, it has done so much for me. The color washed paper pack has been my go-to paper pack for beautiful splashes of color. I love the paper.
Artist Trading Card
At the end of the month I'll be attending an art class with a designer. I knew I wanted to have something to swap with the other attendees when Artist's Trading Cards came to mind. While I wasn't sure exactly what direction I wanted to go with these at the start, I knew all I needed to do was grab my trusted
Color Washed paper pack
in order to get started.
Artist Trading Cards Using Color Washed Paper Pack
The first thing I did was go through all of the pages and pull out my favorites. In addition to going through
Color Washed
paper pack, I pulled a few sheets from the
Marbleous paper pad
  just in case. You never know what will cause inspiration to strike so I opted to choose as many different options as possible.
Once my sheets were picked, I moved into cutting them into 2" x 3" inch rectangles. The papers found in the paper packs are so different from each other with a ton of variety. Since there is so much variation just on one sheet of paper it made my job that much easier. I had a lot of options to choose from just one sheet - all I had to do was create the rest of my design! To make this project even easier I picked one of my favorite stamp sets to use containing different women. I would take a pile of my cut rectangles, stamp one of the women on the page, and then stamped the word "artist" in a blank space.
Once the first part of the card was completed I opted to add a black piece of cardstock as a backer. This helped to make the card pop even more! To add additional variety, I rounded out the corners on a few cards. It's amazing how something as simple as paper can help to create an amazing project! I can't wait to swap with everyone else at the class. These were just too enjoyable!
Products Used:
Color Washed 12" Paper Pad
Marbleous 12" Paper Pad
See you all on my next post! XOXO, Caitlyn