Inside Design Scoop: Summer Memories Planner Collection

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Crystal Chabowski[/caption]
Crystal Chabowski graduated with her BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY New Paltz, just a couple towns away from the Paper House office in Saugerties, New York. Seven years later, she designs new products using a signature, playful style.

Crystal’s latest collection is launching this summer
, and we’ve got a
sneak peek
here. Crystal gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the design process and how she found inspiration to create the
Summer Memories Planner Collection

Where did you get the inspiration for this product?

I remember summers as a kid, when you’re carefree and spend the whole day playing outside. I tried to capture that feeling in the collection: the warmth, the taste of s’mores, and the smell of the grill at a cookout. Knowing that the collection would have many different uses, I also wanted to maintain a degree of sophistication.

Were you influenced by an outside design or artist?

I tried to channel bright geometric accents, colors, and fonts for a modern look rather than something more vintage. It helps keep it fresh, and this is the feeling that many of us have when we think about summer.
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A look at the Summer Memories planner collection[/caption]  
What was the design process like?

When I start working on a collection or a project, I gather images that I find interesting. There were a few other styles that I was considering for this collection, including summer nights with dark blues, purples, and pinks, as well as the kawaii style, with faces on inanimate objects. When you create an image board, you find patterns that inspire you, and I was most inspired by the colors and imagery of summer—hence the look and feel of this collection and the name: Summer Memories.

How does it feel to see someone using your creation?

I absolutely love when people use something I’ve made, because it’s such a long process to put a new collection together. It makes all the work worth it!

Is there a particular item within the collection that you’re most excited about?

I really love how the puffy stickers came out. They have a little bit of dimension, which creates an interesting effect when used on just about anything!

What’s in store for the future?

Paper House will keep evolving and adjusting its style; it makes for a more interesting line of products. For this Summer Memories collection, it’s likely that you’ll see additional coordinating accessories released in the future.
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