Make a Unique Butterfly Card

by Alayne Kerbert

Many people are rediscovering the joy of sending and receiving greeting cards and hand-written notes. In fact, a scientific study was conducted by Mindlab to measure people's brain activity as they open a greeting card or hand-written note. In their study, they documented that people respond more positively to traditional cards and letters than electronic and social media messages.

Thinking of You Week is an international movement organized by the Greeting Card Association to celebrate and encourage people to send hand-written notes and greeting cards. This year we decided to combine traditional card-making techniques and technology to create a card that is truly unique and personal.

handmade note card featuring a hand-drawn butterfly silhouette surrounded by color 3D butterfly stickers.

In the card above, the butterfly was drawn by hand using cupixel, an app that helps people of any skill level draw and paint to create their own works of art. 

Step 1 - Trace the Butterfly with the cupixel App

You're probably thinking... I see you drawing a butterfly, but what does the cupixel app do? View cupixel's Instagram Reel below to see how the app helps users draw an image. (Users can try the full cupixel app free for 30 days.) 

photo of Cupixel app being used on a mobile phone to draw a woman's face

Step 2: Fill in the Butterfly Image with a Marker

Next, you'll trace over your pencil drawing with a black marker. During this step, you'll have the opportunity to make your own refinements. The cupixel Card Making Kit comes with a set of double-tipped markers, but you can also use your own.

We also used our own white gel pen to define the small spots on the butterfly's wings. When you are finished filling in your butterfly, wait a few seconds to let the ink dry completely. Then use a clean eraser to erase the pencil lines. 

Step 3: Embellish Your Design with Stickers!

Select your favorite stickers and scatter them around the hand-drawn butterfly. We used our 3D Butterfly Scrapbook Stickers.

Step 4: Attach Your Design to a Card Base

Select any color of coordinating cardstock for your base. We used a pretty shade of plum and added a black matte. 

Step 5: Send Your Card to Someone!

Okay, we understand... it's really hard to let go of the cards we make. But by sending them to people you will also make their day! They are sure to LOVE this one, and that will make you doubly happy!

Whether is one you make or one you purchase, we hope you'll join us in celebrating Thinking of You Week with a special card.

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